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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Newsday letter 

But that link is going to be invalid in a day or so. Here's the letter as they published it:

Climate change and terrorism

Your cartoon with Dick Cheney linking hurricanes to al-Qaida and the upcoming presidential vote was doubly ironic [Editorial, Sept. 25]. The record-breaking hurricane season this year is exactly the sort of thing scientists have been warning will happen, as we continue to burn fossil fuels and carbon dioxide warms the global climate.

If you think this year was bad, it will only get worse. Climate change threatens as much damage to our society as any conceivable terrorist attack.

The four years of the Bush administration have seen a tragic lost opportunity for the world. We Americans have joined our leaders in denial of the facts - yet the facts are there, as even the Bush administration admits in a recent climate report. Renewable energy research and development is grossly underfunded, and this administration and Congress allowed the wind energy production tax credit to expire.

And there is a link to al- Qaida: replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements is the only sure way to starve the terrorists of the oil money that supports them.

Arthur Smith



Monday, September 20, 2004

New Moon Rising 

My review of Sietzen and Cowing's book, on the new US space policy.


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